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Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Really Matters

Okay, I admit there are a lot of changes at almost 65 that I’m not crazy about. What I’m totally behind, however, is that quality of life is firmly rooted in our relationships. It’s all about loving without reservation.

I love my husband to distraction and, sometimes I’m sure, his annoyance. I adore my son and daughter-in-law; and don’t get me started on those gifted fascinating creatures who are my granddaughters.

And ah, my sisters, rare women all. What would life be like without their support and perspectives? I love my parents with a touch of desperation, as they seem to be gradually slipping out of my embrace. I know our time together is fleeting. With all the others, it could be, but we don’t know.

Then there are those rare friendships that color my life and are totally worth fighting for. Friendships are chosen relationships and sometimes defy logic. Those friends we have chosen may resist our efforts to keep them, perhaps because they believe we don’t have, or no longer have, much in common. True, we may be going different directions with our lives, but I see 30 years of loving someone as enough in common and worth working on. And I see a burning common interest and the promise of achievement worth staying around for.

So focus on all the loves in your life and helping them flourish and shine. The aches and pains and things that go bump in the night pale in comparison to the light of those precious souls illuminating our lives.