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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Sometimes, we get mired in problems that in the whole scheme of things are pretty minor. That distracts us from focusing on what really matters. I’ve had cancer a couple of times, but I don’t now, as far as I know. I’ve also just discovered I have glaucoma and cataracts. Me? Yes, me. As a writer, my ability to function could be impacted, but I discovered them in time to prevent the glaucoma from further eroding my peripheral vision; and I can have the cataracts removed.  So, moving on with my life. Are those so very serious? Of course not, as long as I remain vigilant with my eyes and the rest of my health.

We can always focus on what’s not ideal about ourselves, but what happens to the day-to-day miracles we then miss because of our preoccupation? I’ve always been enthralled by the different interesting turns my life has taken: from nurse to teacher to medical writer; from single to couple to parent to grandparent. And still I can’t wait to see what’s next. But rather than waiting for it to unfold, it helps to have a general goal in mind.

My goal is for whatever I end up doing as I grow up is for it to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s a simple concept, and it applies to everything we do:

·         Through my writing to share important health information, lovely travel experiences, and laughter about the bumps in the road

·         Through listening and valuing my parents’ existence and my children’s talents and inherent goodness

·         By helping my granddaughters navigate life with their self-esteem intact

·         By giving my true love the kind of support that speaks to his needs, not just mine

·         By giving myself and my caring to strangers who aren’t accustomed to receiving any

So whatever work projects, volunteering, or family assistance I take on, using that goal as my guiding principle helps ensure that whatever I do will have a meaningful impact, and I’ll grow up just fine.